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Wood Destroying Insect & Organism Inspections

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections (WDI's) or Wood Destroying Organism Inspections (WDO) are written reports performed by a qualified pest management professional.  WDI/WDO inspections are required to buy, sell or refinance a property.  Sometimes they’re called a “clearance letter” or a “termite letter”.

VA, FHA, HUD and most banks require these reports because termites and wood destroying organisms can impact the structural integrity of a home, reduce the property value of the residence and cost homeowners significant amounts of money in repairs.

With such a large investment at stake, it’s natural that homeowners will want to use a reputable, reliable pest inspector. 

Record Home Inspections utilizes the services of a state certified pest management company with a professional staff who understand how to properly inspect a home and accurately complete the report.They provide the report and, if a problem is detected,can treat the property immediately so as not to delay the sale or refinancing.

The inspector follows a standard form required by the regulatory authorities for real estate transactions.  In addition to the information noted above, the report may indicate conditions that are conducive to an infestation, that is, areas that may provide safe harbor for current or future pest activity.  The report may also note that certain areas were inaccessible during the inspection.  The moving process often involves boxes, stacked furnishings and other items that impede the inspection process.  Infestations may exist in areas that are not made available to the inspector for review.

Even the best inspector cannot see through solid walls or get to inaccessible areas so they offer warranties in their WDI work. 

It is easy to regard the WDI/WDO inspection as an annoyance or, worse yet, an obstacle to the real estate process.  But a properly performed WDI/WDO Inspection can save the buyer, the seller and the realtor quite a lot of trouble. 

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